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Dinomotion creates the most advanced and life-like animatronic dinosaurs on the planet for all occasions and venues. If you don’t know what you want, give us a call and we will recommend the best animatronic solution for you. Dinomotion is a US company, based right outside of Chicago. We offer workman’s compensation to our employees, and we are covered by liability insurance. This makes us eligible to fill the government contracts and provide the installation of our animatronic exhibits.


Our typical clients are museums, science centers, amusement parks, FEC’s, zoos, resorts, cruise lines, schools, churches, restaurants, retail outlets, community fairs, and events planning companies.

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Dinomotion sells and rents out life size animatronic and static models of dinosaurs.Our models combine meticulous paleontological research, advanced robotic technology, and fine art work. The culmination of these factors means that we create the most true-to-life animatronics on the planet. We also do large-scale project work. Give us a call and see how we can help you.

Animatronics creatures

The capabilities of our designers and fabricators allow us to bring to life animatronic fairy tales creatures, historical characters, and gigantic moving statues of animals, insects, and much more at your request (including moving trees). If your models are unique our designers can work alongside you to create your ideal world. You can manipulate the size, shape, the quantity of effects, and the performance complexity.

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