Life-Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for Sale in Chicago, IL

Dinosaurs for Sale

DINOMOTION supplies high quality animatronic and fossils models of dinosaurs and fossils at a very competitive prices. Please, contact us for price inquiries.

DINOMOTION has a vast experience and can help in designing the dinosaur themed events, venues, attractions and permanent installations.

The presented collection shows only our previously built models, but it is not limited to them. Our collection includes animatronic models powered by pneumatic system and electric system.

DINOMOTION can build any dinosaur per customer’s specification.

The animatronic dinosaurs indicated in our collection as “kids’ friendly” were created specifically to work in the entertaining and educational settings.

These dinosaurs with friendly faces won’t scare even the youngest audience. They can sing songs, tell their stories, and move with the music. The reinforced silicone skin and sturdy structure of the robot allows kids to touch, hug, and even seat on their favorite creatures.

  • Fossil models of the presented dinosaurs (soft skin and fiberglass) can be offered as an economical solution for the tight budgets or as props for photo-ops and decorations.
  • Animatronic electric dinosaur with all electric power systems is well suited for both: temporary exhibit and permanent installation that does not require complicated show integration. These models are “plug-n-play” units that require regular electrical outlets 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ.
  • Animatronic pneumatic dinosaurs are good for permanent installation in scenes that require more complicated show integration and exceptional reliability. Animatronic models with pneumatic power system require dry and filtered compressed air.

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