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Are you looking for life-size dinosaurs to make your event in Chicago, IL more awesome?
Do you want to incorporate animatronic creatures in your next historical exhibit?
Do you want dinosaur models that can move and interact with guests, instead of the typical dino statues?
Then you have come to the right place!

With DINOMOTION’s wide array of dinosaur models, you can definitely find the right one to fit your next event.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our services and models for sale or lease. You can simply give us a call or send us an email through the contact information provided below. Other than that, you can also leave any comments, questions, or concerns by filling out the contact form below. Anywhere you are in Chicago, in the US, or even across the globe, our team of professionals will travel and deliver our services to you in a precise adherence to delivery dates, high-quality products, and installation services.

Get in touch with DINOMOTION today and let life-size robotic dinosaurs and creatures work the magic in your Chicago, IL event and take your guests into another period in time.

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Phone:(847) 821-1233

Fax:(847) 821-8030


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