About Dinomotion: Your Animatronic Creature Service Provider in Chicago, IL


In 1995, Tradex Services International,
the owner of Dinomotion, began its partnership
with Eastern European Company (EEC) – a company
from Belarus who is a sole leader in the field of anima-
tronic technology in Eastern Europe
Since 2004, Dinomotion, a subdivision of Tradex Services International, has become a leading provider of animatronic services worldwide We offer flexibility to our clients, since we are capable of providing manu-
facturing and effective logistics for our electrical and pneumatic models
based on your need. Our two permanent USA/Eastern Europe studios give
us the ability to work alongside you in order to determine your models, needs and preference for complexity. No job is too hard for us. Our exhibits are made for any outdoor/indoor environments.


We are best known for our Dinosaurs. Dinomotion has created life size Robotic Dinosaurs for clients worldwide; we have done work from the USA all the way to the Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. We are dedicated to meeting the growing needs of amusement, entertainment, and hospitality businesses in various themed projects that need animatronic characters.

Animatronics creatures

If you don’t need Robotic Dinosaurs, we also specialize in making exhibits of other models. For example we can create fairy tales creatures, historical models, and much more at your request (including fauna!). If your models are unique our designers can work alongside you to create your ideal world. All of our models come in static fiberglass, static soft skin, and animatronic variations. We can service any electrical or pneumatic modeling need.

Because of the complexity of our work, our business model focuses directly on our client, as we are a custom manufacturer. Each of our clients has different needs, so we start from the ground up, never from a stockpile.

Work with Dinomotion, we provide the answer to Dinosaurs and other robotic creatures’ modeling needs

Dinomotion is an American Corporation that carries liability insurance and covers its technical and installation crew with workmen’s compensation. We are eligible for government contracts.
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