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  • JetBuzz 360

    Mar 20, 2015 JETBUZZ 360

    DINOMOTION proudly presents JetBuzz 360 the first and the only 360 degree rotating Open-Capsule motion simulator available on the market. This fully interactive two-seat motion platform that offers a unique ā€œ7-Dā€ experience by adding 3D HD visuals, wind and lightning effects combined with a 360-degrees bi-directional motions.

  • Dinosaurs Roar Into Zoo Boise!

    Mar 25, 2014 Boise State Public Radio

    Our crew consisted of 8 people, including 6 employees from the zoo. We had to install 8 dinosaurs within just 3 days in Idaho.
    The most difficult task was building around the trees, and general wooded area. The right lighting was also crucial to the aesthetics of the dinosaurs.


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Pteranodon in flight (model DNZ 126)
Allosaurus Baby(model DNZ 123)
Deinonychus (model DNZ 122)
Stegosaurus (model DNZ 118)
Stegosaurus (model DNZ 116)
Ankylosaurus (model DNZ 113)
Brachiosarus (model DNZ111)
Pachicephalosarus (model DNZ110)
Parasaurolophus (model DNZ109)
Dilophosaurus (model DNZ108)
Triceratops (model DNZ107)
Triceratops Baby(model DNZ105)
Tyrannosaurus RexBaby(Model DNZ104)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (model DNZ101)