Our Gallery: Robotic Dinosaurs and Animatronic Exhibits in Chicago, IL

Realistic? Check!
Moves? Check!
Sounds? Check!
Life-Sized? Check!
Competitive Rates? Check!

Definitely, DINOMOTION is your number one choice if you are in need of animatronic dinosaurs.

We have continuously been providing robotic dinosaurs to different animatronic exhibits and events, not only in Chicago, IL, but also the other parts of the country. Many institutions have always turned to us whenever they would need our help in their dinosaur-themed events. Because of the growth of our clients over the years, and the differences in their preferred dinosaur to be featured, we were able to create many different models of these historical creatures. From land residing dinosaurs to avian dinosaurs, and even skeletal models of these Jurassic creatures.

Here are some of the sample models that we have already made and provided for different schools, amusement parks, events, and animatronic exhibits here in Chicago, IL and the rest of the country.

Our Recent Projects

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