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What does E.T, Jaws and Jurassic Park have in common?
Well, aside from being blockbuster movies, they all used “animatronics”.
Animatronics, in a nutshell, is a mechanized puppet but instead of using strings, it uses far more advanced technology such as teleoperation (more commonly known as “remote control”) in order to control the animatronics from afar. Here at DINOMOTION, we provide the best animatronic services in Chicago, IL, and other areas.

If you have unique preferences regarding the overall design, shape, size, performance complexity, and quantity of effects, our designers can work with you closely to bring your ideas into reality.


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To know more information about how we create the animatronic models here in Chicago, IL, please read the details below:

Stages in Creating Animatronics

The mechanical components are created by Engineers, who work on designing and building the mechanical system. This includes everything from the most basic gears to the more complicated hydraulic systems.

The most widely-seen form of animatronics today are those used in movies. Popular movies such as King Kong, Jurassic Park, The Neverending Story, and Chucky all used animatronics to bring these amazing creatures to the screen. Let’s take Jurassic Park, for example, which is one of the first movies to introduce animatronics in the field of movie-making. If you were awed by Jurassic Park when it first came out in 1993, I’m sure you were amazed even more by Jurassic Park III which showed more complicated animatronics compared to the first movie. While it was the T-rex that made us scream in the movies during Jurassic World I, it was the

Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park III that gave us nightmares. Just to give you an idea, here’s what the staff had made to give us this great movie: The Spinosaurus animatronic was 43.5 feet (13.3 m) long – almost as long as a bus. It was completely

powered by hydraulics, even the blinking of the eyes. This animatronic model can work in both land and water. All large steel pieces were cut using waterjets (a tool used to cut metal parts with a very high-pressure stream of water). The animatronic was completely controlled by remote control. Another form of animatronics are those used for display in zoos, museums, carnivals, charity events and even birthday parties. These models can either be moving or static, depending on your preference. Some of the “creatures” used for these events have friendly faces so they don’t scare even the youngest of the audiences. These are the kinds of animatronics being offered by Dinomotion.

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